28 July 2009

ARRGH: the weather has kept us shore bound at Tropic-Al's for two weeks.

Not a bad place to be ship wrecked in any kind of weather!

Finally today at noon time went out for patrol on the flats. Got buzzed by a sea-plane: chalk it up to friendly fire I s'pose. With all the wet weather and higher tides little has occurred on the flats.Dockside has raised prices along with the tide. Food mediocre atmosphere sublime on a windy mid summer noon time stroll.Cruised around the flats for two hours aboard a paddle powered vessel an Acadia 11.5.A little rough seas was fun with small white caps bounding against the incoming tide.Actually found me-self singin' a pirate shanty "Cape Cod Girls" while taking the surf head on

Had some rum at Dockside: settled for some fruity shit since they have no Barbados nectar and I don't drink Bacardi