26 October 2009

2009 Rum Season Comes to a Close

It is with sadness that we park our stealth kayaks for the season. Though today is in the upper 50's the breeze and cold water are a little more than I care to deal with today.

God news though is the food has improved at Dockside.

Until the spring thaw of 2010:

Capt Parsons W. Wayneright

25 August 2009

Southward Expansion

This vessel (Gypsum Integrity: 300 feet long) came sailing by us near the end of our southward expansion. The "bridge" is located on THE SIXTH STORY! Needless to say we changed course and let him pass!

"Yesterday, all my rudders seemed so far away!!!

So far away as in the little island viewed to the south while crossing the Rip that is. For the past 6 months I have been meaning to set sail to the ruml-ess regions south of Catskill Point and visit the tiny little uncharted deserted isle.

Yesterday we did, hence yesterday and so far away as clues in the opening sentence. Nice flow southward with a maritime breeze at my back I paddled the Acadia 11.5 stealth on a search and rum-scue mission. I paddled south of the point and did not see the island. In fact the island is almost half way to the cement plant and very close to the outflow of the Jansen Kill.

I figgered it took two miles of paddlin to get thar!

Not much on the island. The fascinating part was shallow depths coming out of the Jansen Kill. At 100 yards out to sea the water was only 8 inches deep! To top it off there is the Roeliff Jansen Kill YACHT CLUB on the landlubber side of the train trestle! The lagoon at Tropic-Al's is deeper than the port at the YACHT CLUB(?)!

Afterward we sailed north against strong currents and a HUGE SHIP all headed the other way. Turns out we found rum flowing at a Mariner's Harbor outpost. So we can now put Port O'CAll on the patrol and hope for a write off on the paddling to get there.

Afterwards we set up the Element for a rendezvous at Dockside, my former favorite watering hole in Athens. Former because the food is too expensive for what you get, little variety on the menu and THE "MARGARITA/ICE CRUSHER I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE TROPICAL DRINKS WITHOUT THE MACHINE" MACHINE was broken. I found this out after 10 minutes of waiting for a Pina Colada. Meanwhile all the other tables got their drinks.

Funny think the winch tending tables knows I usually drink Moosehead when there. I it were me I would have brought myself a Moosehead on the house apologizing for the

I pulled up anchor leaving the cook still making my grub and went home.




18 August 2009

Salvage Mission a Success

It has been awhile since we sailed the Hudson. But we went out This morning at the 7AM hour. Stopped off at Riverside Cafe' for some jolt and a bun. Nice place but the prices threw me overboard. $3.49 for a 12 ounce coffee and hard roll.

Stewart House continues it's strange ways. They promised a cafe' sidewalk style along with inside seating and a farmers market. I saw the produce from a local farm at it was enticing. However the cafe' and market disappeared quicker than a mermaid on the high seas.

Here it is mid-summer and finally the weather co-operates and Stewart House is only open from 5-9 Wed- Friday. Quite often as well the outside river side bar is closed. Quite strange indeed.

Our mission was to procure some planking for Tropic-Al's BBQ up shore a bit. We succeeded in hauling in several pieces of driftwood that are now awaiting placement.

The trip took about three hours and about five land miles round trip.


Captain of Lowest Class

Parsons W. Wayneright

28 July 2009

ARRGH: the weather has kept us shore bound at Tropic-Al's for two weeks.

Not a bad place to be ship wrecked in any kind of weather!

Finally today at noon time went out for patrol on the flats. Got buzzed by a sea-plane: chalk it up to friendly fire I s'pose. With all the wet weather and higher tides little has occurred on the flats.Dockside has raised prices along with the tide. Food mediocre atmosphere sublime on a windy mid summer noon time stroll.Cruised around the flats for two hours aboard a paddle powered vessel an Acadia 11.5.A little rough seas was fun with small white caps bounding against the incoming tide.Actually found me-self singin' a pirate shanty "Cape Cod Girls" while taking the surf head on

Had some rum at Dockside: settled for some fruity shit since they have no Barbados nectar and I don't drink Bacardi

21 June 2009

Party With Some Real Pirates

After the run in with the UN peace keeping row boat we called in the heavy artillery. The only one to make it to shore in Athens was the Onrust (pronounceticated On-roost). They chatted with us and others in need of rum and then they sailed on the next morning to the Port of Albany to meet with the state senate Republicans. So pissed off at the meeting with the minority the Dems have since refused to show up for work!
This Flag has set the tone for the Middle Ground Flats for the summer.
The last time this flag was flown was 400 yeras ago when the Indians on Manhattan Island stole a bucket of rum from the Haalve Moon and Henry Hudson's crew.
And you thought Manhattan was bought for a song? Hold on tight mates we're in for some rough sailing I'm afraid.
Capt. No-Class (and no rum)
Parsons W.Wayneright

Harssed By UN Peace Keepers

Two Mondays ago I took the little barnacles out in the aircraft aluminum patrol vessel. We set sail under electric power from the Athens boat launch and headed south to the light house. After circling the lighthouse we set our bearings for Middle Ground Island with plans on attacking the beach head on the northern most point of the isle.

This time instead of sailing up on our side of the channel we entered uncharted waters along the shores of the City of Hudson. All was well except fr the breeze and running against current. About 2/3 rds of the journey up the channel a DEC patrol boat asked me for my Captains' Papers. I said this is a canoe (although a spy boat at that) and the motor is electric running on battery!

The YOUNG agent said don' matter you gaotta get zee paperz!

I was instructed to paddle back to shore after rounding the island!!

I will say we were not shot at this time! And the rum is flowing nicely.

Capt. No Class

Parsons W. Wayneright

25 May 2009

I am Shipwrecked

Mrs. Mutiny pulled a fast one on me this afternoon. I took one of the barnacles with me at 5AM to do a rum run on the Hudson. All things were fine.

However I went back out for another run this afternoon. I also had to get some dish detergent for Mrs. Mutiny to scrub the barnacles of the serving platters in her kitchen.

A keg of of Harpoon IPA went flat at Dockside. I stayed til they fixed it. Then went out on a rough sea excursion up to the island and back.

I got soaked..........so I sailed back to Dockside or a rum and coke and to check on the IPA. All was fine I went t Sewart's got the detergent and when I came home Mrs. Mutiny informed me of her choosing to go to an adults only BBQ at her cousins in Po'town.

Her excuse........................"I work Mondays anyway and the party is the same as my work hours"

ARRRGGHHHHHHH...............Capt. Wayneright has walked his own plank today!

The Rum is Flowing

5AM EDT: Set sail on the river looking for rum pirates, and maybe a bar open early, on this sunny morning. Not a sole (human or fish) in sight. Caught the end of the flow north. Headed north to the former Yanni's (now Dockside Grill). Figured since they had a band playing on Sunday afternoon maybe they would still be playing this morning. No such luck.

After leaving the safety zone of the flats we just floated back down to the launch site. Encountered no gunfire until we got to Stewart's and saw possible rum pirates in camouflage fatigues. They jumped in their truck when they saw us and took off.

May have to head back out on the river this afternoon just in case.

Capt. (Low Classs) Parsons W. Wayneright

10 May 2009

Tivoli Bays: A-Maze-ing

It was a Mother of a day at work so I set sail at noon. Headed to River Connection in Hyde Park for some new shades and water booties.

After taking in the sites at the store, decided I still would like a paddle shop of me own, and set my directional for Tivoli Bays.

I have heard that Tivoli Bays is a nice spot to paddle. Good thing I checked the tide because when low you could get stuck in the mud for several hours as much of the waterways in the bays are shallow.
I paddled through a seemingly endless maze of small flows and never made it to the river!

No big deal though! The scenery was beautiful the smell, swampy, and fish everywhere.
A large carp or large mouth bass almost landed in me dinghy when I came too close!

No pirates stealing rum here. They would get lost if they tried. And we took no fire either.

Settled in at Dockside in Athens with my land lubbing four wheeler: Bad scene Mom's Day buffet for $19.99..............no bar menu for for us regular rusty scuppers.

They did have rum though!

Happy Mothers' Day you Garbage Scows!

Capt. Low Class

Parsons W. Wayneright

27 April 2009

No Somalis on The HudsonYet. Just Jerks on Shore

We took the stealth Acadia 11.5 out for our first patrol Sunday. Absolutely beautiful day on the river. Shad fishermen everywhere, kayakers about Middle Ground Flats Island. The water is still very cold which is why we went solo. Good thing.

On the return trip we set anchor at Dockside Grill in Athens. Went inside for a cold one. Good crowd for a Sunday afternoon. Quaffed down a beer after chatting with the guys from Main Street Band and confirming the photo shoot for May 2nd.

I jumped back aboard the Acadia and paddled along the docks then out to the river to set sail back to the boat launch. As I was passing the middle of the docks on the river side trouble started.

I forgot that Sundays the outside bar area at Dockside is taken over by bikers. They began hurling swear words my way like F*&#K you I'll kick your a$$ you stupid paddler.
There were also taking on three other paddlers who passed through just before I did.

I do feel they were Somali sleeper cells! Some pirates afraid of cold water. I do think however that these morons will not have much luck hijacking boats on the Upper Hudson. What would they do with blacktop and rock salt anyway?

Capt. No Class

Parsons Wayneright

06 April 2009

Spring season? Yeah right?

The Hudson is incredibly high right now. Upstream dams left open to let out some of the snow melt and rain coming today.

Looking forward for the first warm day to get out on the river

Capt. No Class
PArsons W. Wayneright