13 October 2008

Brought the Baby Barnacles On Patrol Today

Johnathan Livingston Seagull the XII gives (or better yet leaves behind) his opinion of Barrack Osama on his perch at buoy #271 near Coxsackie Sunday October 5th.
In honor of Columbus Day Another Mutiny sailed under electric power today. On board was the captain and the two little barnacles. We landed on Middle Ground Island and immediately Abby found buried treasure. She dug up a dollar bill buried there by PW Jr. yesterday. PW buried his dollar on the island instead of putting it under the mattress. Ya see the little ones often look under Jr's mattress for buried treasure. Jr buried the dollar since he had no other idea how to survive last weeks financial turmoil.

We encountered no gun fire today. Came across two other pirates building a get warm fire on the east side of the island. Seems their rum boats filled with water.........

They said they were fine and we sailed on back to port.

Capt. Lowest Class Parsons W. Wayneright.

12 October 2008

We're not Hunting Wabbits Anymore

Photo on bottom is a recently sunken rum smuggler's boat taken out by Another Mutiny. Above, damage done to a riverfront home as a result of recent fighting over the rum trade on The Middle Ground Flats.
As the boating season comes to a close and the financial crisis deepens the competition for rum on the Hudson intensifies. No longer a gentleman's came of gaining market share, open gunfire is now the name of the game.

All that shall end this afternoon as another mutiny launches a double stealth attack in order to restore order. Rumor has it Stewart House and Yanni's III have been exchanging gunfire as well in order to lure boaters to their bars.
It shall be a beautiful day on the flats..............may even smoke a stogie while floating along with the tide........that is after we restore law, rum and order.....

Now if they would just return to shooting ducks instead of rum boats.

This is the prized liquid currently causing all the trouble on the flats. Click the bottle to find out more about the nectar of the Hudson

Capt. (without class) Parsons W. Wayneright