29 September 2008

View From The Stern

View from the cockpit of our Perception Acadia 11.5 stealth reconnaissance vessel on the Hudson north of Middle Ground Flats. Sunday September 28th

It Takes All Kinds to Keep the Rum Flowing

Just like last Sunday the surf was a little rough on the flats. We put in at noon at the Athens launch site. Got a little cocky when we saw the rock piles underwater and assumed high tide was come and on it's way out. We sailed north past the tip of Middle Ground Island and out of safety zone.

Notice the pirate flag? Friends not foe. Playing Skynard loudly as they past I realized not all rum runners are civilized like myself! It takes all kinds to protect the flats. I am glad for the help.

Little did I know I misjudged the tide flow and instead of riding back down to harbor with the tide I paddled three miles against it during a strong flow. You know the joke about flying into town and your arms being tired. I actually felt like i flew into town and my arms were actually tied. Moral of the story.............check the tide charts before going out. Had I waited one more hour I would have had the tide flowing with me both ways.

Capt Low Class PW Wayneright

24 September 2008

Canadian Invaders

With sailing saeson coming to an end soon Ileft worl at threee and took our stealth Acadia 11.5s on patrol. Cam across three Canadian sail boats docked in my harbor. Buzzed them asking for gray poupon.........then said we were from homeland security.

They did not have rum but shared some Molson from the grat white north

Captain PW

17 September 2008

Bringing Jr. Along For a Tour

He is still scared of the dark..............but PW Jr. today piloted his own vessel on the mighty Hudson searching for vermin. We did find some just after launch. Seems the replica of the Haalve Moon Mr. Hudson's vessel was commandeered by enviro-pirates under the guise of Riverkeeper.

Upon seeing us they launched a scout boat to buzz us. Seems they did not fall for our disguise as tree huggers in kayaks.

Oh well incident avoided and the rum still flows...............

Capt. Low Class Parsons W. Wayneright

14 September 2008

New Members of Fleet Sail w/o Incident

Saturday afternoon I and Mrs. Mutiny took our new stealth vessels out for a test sail on the Middle Ground. While always taking fire from rogues when out in the flag ship vessel these new lower profile vessels incurred no wrath from the wackos rouges and misfits.

We are very happy with the performance of our Acadia 11.5s. They will become a welcome asset to our rental fleet that launches in spring 2009

Captain (low class) Parsons W. Wayneright

09 September 2008

Our Fleet Expands to Four Vessels

Greetings from the high seas of Athens!

were pleased to announce our fleet has acquired three new vessels. Were launching Perception Arcadia this weekend. This vessel is 11.5 feet in length and sits directly on the water.

We purchased three of them this afternoon as first vessels of our rental fleet.

Capt. (w/o class) Parsons W. Wayneright