31 July 2008

All is Well on the Flats

We undertook three patrols of the Middle Ground Flats on Wednesday. And we are happy with the motor and performance of the vessel.

The only glitch was during our evening patrol when we found an establishment out of rum at their outdoor bar on the river.

After informing the bartender of the matter he obliged by refilling the bar with rum.

We thanked him and sailed back to port.

We will be on the water again Sunday August 3rd.

29 July 2008

Silent Voyage This Morning

Just to make sure we were on board with our plans Another Mutiny took a hand powered test sail this morning. We arrived at the Athens boat launch at 8:45 AM and put in by 9:00. Very slack water that time of day. Paddled south to Peckhams Athens asphalt operation past derelict barges left to rot in the water.

Then crossed over to the shore of Middle Ground Island and headed up north to the beach head at the north point of the isle. After carving our name in the sand I noticed the tide starting to come back in so I headed to the western shore and paddled back to the launch site.

Manifesto de Mutiny

Manifesto de Mutiny: "To protect the Middle Ground Flats of the Hudson River from Rogues, Wackos and Misfits while preserving the flow of rum at all ports of call on the tidal flats of Henry Hudson's name sake from the Athens Lighthouse to the northern most beach head of Middle Ground Island."

Captain Parsons W. Wayneright 7/28/08

Another Mutiny is owned by:

Wayneright Navigation Company.

While being operated by

Tropic-Al's BBQ Review

( vessels registry remains unknown)