31 July 2008

All is Well on the Flats

We undertook three patrols of the Middle Ground Flats on Wednesday. And we are happy with the motor and performance of the vessel.

The only glitch was during our evening patrol when we found an establishment out of rum at their outdoor bar on the river.

After informing the bartender of the matter he obliged by refilling the bar with rum.

We thanked him and sailed back to port.

We will be on the water again Sunday August 3rd.


hudsonfirstmate said...

Your post begs the question, "will there be any of said rum refill LEFT by Sunday the Third?" An observation to ponder, for sure. Congratulations on your most successful voyages.

Greg Draiss said...

I am sure there will be said rum stock left me mate! To be sure we set sail again in the noon of the third to check the pubs upon the flats and make sure they have the rum and not rats!