22 December 2008

Cruisin for some Cruzan

Needless to say we are not kayaking these days. But we are rummin'. Bought a bottle of Cruzan bottled in the USVI. Good smoothe dark estate bottled stuff.
Now you know you will not hear much about the subtle nuances of oak with tannins from barnacles or stuff like that.

It's simple: This stuff tastes good

I was going to try Hudson river Rum but at $39.99 for 375 ml1! A little out of this guys price range for now.

However I am a little disappointed by the rum selection at Arlington Wine and Liquor which otherwise is one hell of a store. Excellent service.

Just very little rum to choose from.

Which is why we peruse the Middle Ground flats making sure that what little rum supply there is does not run out.

I remain: landlocked until spring

Capt. (No class whatsoever) PW Wayneright

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