18 August 2009

Salvage Mission a Success

It has been awhile since we sailed the Hudson. But we went out This morning at the 7AM hour. Stopped off at Riverside Cafe' for some jolt and a bun. Nice place but the prices threw me overboard. $3.49 for a 12 ounce coffee and hard roll.

Stewart House continues it's strange ways. They promised a cafe' sidewalk style along with inside seating and a farmers market. I saw the produce from a local farm at it was enticing. However the cafe' and market disappeared quicker than a mermaid on the high seas.

Here it is mid-summer and finally the weather co-operates and Stewart House is only open from 5-9 Wed- Friday. Quite often as well the outside river side bar is closed. Quite strange indeed.

Our mission was to procure some planking for Tropic-Al's BBQ up shore a bit. We succeeded in hauling in several pieces of driftwood that are now awaiting placement.

The trip took about three hours and about five land miles round trip.


Captain of Lowest Class

Parsons W. Wayneright

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