25 May 2009

I am Shipwrecked

Mrs. Mutiny pulled a fast one on me this afternoon. I took one of the barnacles with me at 5AM to do a rum run on the Hudson. All things were fine.

However I went back out for another run this afternoon. I also had to get some dish detergent for Mrs. Mutiny to scrub the barnacles of the serving platters in her kitchen.

A keg of of Harpoon IPA went flat at Dockside. I stayed til they fixed it. Then went out on a rough sea excursion up to the island and back.

I got soaked..........so I sailed back to Dockside or a rum and coke and to check on the IPA. All was fine I went t Sewart's got the detergent and when I came home Mrs. Mutiny informed me of her choosing to go to an adults only BBQ at her cousins in Po'town.

Her excuse........................"I work Mondays anyway and the party is the same as my work hours"

ARRRGGHHHHHHH...............Capt. Wayneright has walked his own plank today!

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