21 June 2009

Harssed By UN Peace Keepers

Two Mondays ago I took the little barnacles out in the aircraft aluminum patrol vessel. We set sail under electric power from the Athens boat launch and headed south to the light house. After circling the lighthouse we set our bearings for Middle Ground Island with plans on attacking the beach head on the northern most point of the isle.

This time instead of sailing up on our side of the channel we entered uncharted waters along the shores of the City of Hudson. All was well except fr the breeze and running against current. About 2/3 rds of the journey up the channel a DEC patrol boat asked me for my Captains' Papers. I said this is a canoe (although a spy boat at that) and the motor is electric running on battery!

The YOUNG agent said don' matter you gaotta get zee paperz!

I was instructed to paddle back to shore after rounding the island!!

I will say we were not shot at this time! And the rum is flowing nicely.

Capt. No Class

Parsons W. Wayneright

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