04 August 2008

Curse the GM @ Stewart House

As promised we set out a rum patrol Sunday afternoon at 4:30 PM. Just as we left port it poured for about five minutes. Surf a little rough for our little vessel but settled down right after the sun came out.

After reaching the dock at Athens and entering the out door bar area at Stewart House we were informed by said GM (aka big man on campus) that the outside bar was not opening this evening. "I just checked the Doppler and bad weather is coming" Mr. Big Man said.

I got back on (actually in) Another Mutiny and set sail North. In three minutes it did rain.....for about three minutes. Then like before...........sun came out and all is well.

We made it to Yanni's III to see for once a full outside deck. The tiki bar area was full as well. BUT NO BARTENDER AT THE TIKI BAR!

However the rum flowed well............except at Stewart House and Mr. Doppler Dude who closed the outside bar due to "weather coming in".

Capt. No Class Parsons Wayneright

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