24 August 2008

Chasing Whiskey Pirates Off Coxsackie Island

It has been awhile since our last voyage on The Hudson. There were some problems at the Navy Pier in Chicago that needed tending to so that's where we were for three days the week last.

Found a reputable spot in the Village of Coxsackie closed on a summer Sunday afternoon. The park riverside was full of people, land lubbers, sipping lattes when they should be drinkin rum. After all tis still summer in these parts.

So we launched the vessel and headed north towards Coxsackie Island. We heard some scum bucket was messin with the flow of whiskey and was hiding out on the shipping channel side of the island (east).

We got our bearings and headed north actually docking for a few on the west side of the island to plot our trip. Our plan of attack was to charge the straits between the north end of Coxsackie Island and Rattlesnake Island take the scum buckets by surprise and sink their whiskey robbing dinghies to the PCB laden depths of the Hudson.

Did not really need to do that at all. As soon as they saw us rounding the bend they shot off towards Albany promising never to mess with the crew of Another Mutiny again.

Cheers rang out from stranded sailors on the Columbia shores! They tossed their lattes and opened up the Heineken Keggers and let rip a party like never seen before. Even the dog was drinking.

We beached up alongside the shipwrecked and accepted congratulations from their leader. After digging for gold we set south for the Smith Ice House hoping to find Hendrick Hudson's lost rum kegs.

Did not find any so we spent the return trip across the bay amusing the newer pirates by skipping over waves while waving swords in the air.

Another Mutiny saves the day again.....................................

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