05 August 2008

Lighthouse Navigation: The Rental Fleet of Wayneright Navigation

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It has become apparent that funding is needed if we are to continue our minimum thrice weekly patrols of the rum flow on the Middle Ground Flats. Thusly we are in planning stages for "Lighthouse Navigation" which will be a small rental fleet of similarly powered vessels as "Another Mutiny".
We have storage and carrying capacity for 4-6 vessels. All we need to do is finish some marketing studies, determine the manufacturer and make the purchases.
New access for such vehicles is planned for the foot of Fourth Street in Athens right next to ELCO a manufacturer of electric powered boats. Retail space is at a premium even in the depressed town of Athens. So it will be a few years before we actually get a full ships store open and running. In the meantime we will visit other outfitters and size up the competition.
Captain Low Class:
Parsons W. Wayneright

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