04 August 2008

Some Dirty Mudder Stole My Rudder!

A totally delightful rum run this morning outside our normal trolling zone. After 5 days of using no more than 30% power on our motor during any one trip we decided it was time to push the keel so to speak.

Our normal patrol zone as authorized by the Coast Guard, Army Corps and my wife is from the Athens Light House to the northern tip of Middle Ground Flats Island. A play pen of roughly three miles as the fish swims (if you can call those ugly carp fish). This morning we entered the low tide current at 6 AM and headed south. Juiced up at Ursala's and headed past the Light House.

Our tour ended up at Hamburg, a small fishing village in the past, just a mile north of the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. It took two hours to make it back to port as we were running against the current all the way. I misjudged slack time in today's' tide figuring the ride back would be on slack flow.

We loaded the gear out of the vessel and into the back of my vehicle. After securing the vessel to the car I went back for my power supply and it was gone.

SOME MUDDER STOLE MY RUDDER! So if you see an Ever Start Max299 being boasted about it is mine. My only thought is that the Clearwater heard about our plans to sink it or, Scenic Hudson does not like rum being shipped upriver without there being some kind of environmental tax placed on it, and they are the ones that stole my rudder.

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