31 August 2008

Mr. Doppler No Longer at Stewart House

I wrote awhile back about the outdoor bar being closed at Stewart House on a Sunday afternoon because "I checked the Doppler there is weather coming in". Well Mr. Doppler is no longer at the employ of said establishment not because he ran out of rum but because he would not serve it.

You see our mission at Another Mutiny is not only to keep the rum flowing on the river but on land as well. Any Rogue, Misfit or Landlubber who prevents flow of rum is outed by us in ship shape fashion.

We will be heading out later today to check on the Labor Day supply of rum on the Middle Ground Flats.

Captain (no class) Parsons W. Wayneright

24 August 2008

Chasing Whiskey Pirates Off Coxsackie Island

It has been awhile since our last voyage on The Hudson. There were some problems at the Navy Pier in Chicago that needed tending to so that's where we were for three days the week last.

Found a reputable spot in the Village of Coxsackie closed on a summer Sunday afternoon. The park riverside was full of people, land lubbers, sipping lattes when they should be drinkin rum. After all tis still summer in these parts.

So we launched the vessel and headed north towards Coxsackie Island. We heard some scum bucket was messin with the flow of whiskey and was hiding out on the shipping channel side of the island (east).

We got our bearings and headed north actually docking for a few on the west side of the island to plot our trip. Our plan of attack was to charge the straits between the north end of Coxsackie Island and Rattlesnake Island take the scum buckets by surprise and sink their whiskey robbing dinghies to the PCB laden depths of the Hudson.

Did not really need to do that at all. As soon as they saw us rounding the bend they shot off towards Albany promising never to mess with the crew of Another Mutiny again.

Cheers rang out from stranded sailors on the Columbia shores! They tossed their lattes and opened up the Heineken Keggers and let rip a party like never seen before. Even the dog was drinking.

We beached up alongside the shipwrecked and accepted congratulations from their leader. After digging for gold we set south for the Smith Ice House hoping to find Hendrick Hudson's lost rum kegs.

Did not find any so we spent the return trip across the bay amusing the newer pirates by skipping over waves while waving swords in the air.

Another Mutiny saves the day again.....................................

12 August 2008

Northward We Sailed

Took advantage of a beautiful August day and sailed North past Middle Ground Island towards Four Mile Point. Absolutely beautiful pristine river. Used only 45% of reserve power even when running 60 minutes on high.

Took some cannon fire as the enemy was aware of our leaving the protection of the flats but hey it was a nice day. Stopped at Yanni's for lunch. The rum and gin were flowing today.

Had Mrs. Mutiny with me so I had to behave.........................................

Capt. (no class) Parsons W. Wayneright

10 August 2008

Rained Out AGAIN

Last Sunday I was at least able to get on the water and check rum supplies. Today after a gorgeous morning the sky turned dirty and dumped rain and thunder upon us from 1PM until well after the dinner bell sounded.

Finally at 6:30PM the skies blued and the sun yellowed the days dew dropped from afore. Needless to say the rum was on it's own today.

We will set sail in the morning (Monday) to make sure all is well on "The Flats"

05 August 2008

Lighthouse Navigation: The Rental Fleet of Wayneright Navigation

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It has become apparent that funding is needed if we are to continue our minimum thrice weekly patrols of the rum flow on the Middle Ground Flats. Thusly we are in planning stages for "Lighthouse Navigation" which will be a small rental fleet of similarly powered vessels as "Another Mutiny".
We have storage and carrying capacity for 4-6 vessels. All we need to do is finish some marketing studies, determine the manufacturer and make the purchases.
New access for such vehicles is planned for the foot of Fourth Street in Athens right next to ELCO a manufacturer of electric powered boats. Retail space is at a premium even in the depressed town of Athens. So it will be a few years before we actually get a full ships store open and running. In the meantime we will visit other outfitters and size up the competition.
Captain Low Class:
Parsons W. Wayneright

04 August 2008

Some Dirty Mudder Stole My Rudder!

A totally delightful rum run this morning outside our normal trolling zone. After 5 days of using no more than 30% power on our motor during any one trip we decided it was time to push the keel so to speak.

Our normal patrol zone as authorized by the Coast Guard, Army Corps and my wife is from the Athens Light House to the northern tip of Middle Ground Flats Island. A play pen of roughly three miles as the fish swims (if you can call those ugly carp fish). This morning we entered the low tide current at 6 AM and headed south. Juiced up at Ursala's and headed past the Light House.

Our tour ended up at Hamburg, a small fishing village in the past, just a mile north of the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. It took two hours to make it back to port as we were running against the current all the way. I misjudged slack time in today's' tide figuring the ride back would be on slack flow.

We loaded the gear out of the vessel and into the back of my vehicle. After securing the vessel to the car I went back for my power supply and it was gone.

SOME MUDDER STOLE MY RUDDER! So if you see an Ever Start Max299 being boasted about it is mine. My only thought is that the Clearwater heard about our plans to sink it or, Scenic Hudson does not like rum being shipped upriver without there being some kind of environmental tax placed on it, and they are the ones that stole my rudder.

Curse the GM @ Stewart House

As promised we set out a rum patrol Sunday afternoon at 4:30 PM. Just as we left port it poured for about five minutes. Surf a little rough for our little vessel but settled down right after the sun came out.

After reaching the dock at Athens and entering the out door bar area at Stewart House we were informed by said GM (aka big man on campus) that the outside bar was not opening this evening. "I just checked the Doppler and bad weather is coming" Mr. Big Man said.

I got back on (actually in) Another Mutiny and set sail North. In three minutes it did rain.....for about three minutes. Then like before...........sun came out and all is well.

We made it to Yanni's III to see for once a full outside deck. The tiki bar area was full as well. BUT NO BARTENDER AT THE TIKI BAR!

However the rum flowed well............except at Stewart House and Mr. Doppler Dude who closed the outside bar due to "weather coming in".

Capt. No Class Parsons Wayneright

01 August 2008

Getting Into The Water Now Easier

To enable a more rapid deployment we are in the process of obtaining a mechanized off loading system to get into the river faster.

We expect to obtain such in a few days. As well we can leave the motor and fuel cell on board making for fewer trips back and forth from the transporter to the water.

Anchors away........................